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"Our name Lighthouse Brewing pays homage to the beauty and power of oceans, seas and lakes, and is a tribute to my dad, George. He carried on a storied line of Stoner sailors and fishermen on the Great Lakes. Growing up, his passion for ‘everything nautical’ was a way of life for my siblings and me.


A lighthouse symbolizes the 'way home'—the safety of reaching calm waters and dry land—and brings back fond memories of my youth."

"I hope you enjoy our hand-crafted beer and wish you smooth sailing!"


—Greg Stoner, Owner 


Greg's great-grandfather, George Washington Stoner (second from right) and other commercial fishermen pose with their nets near the mouth of the River Raisin on the west end of Lake Erie.  c.1880

Greg Stoner

(Chief Entertainment Officer)

Moving back to Jasper, Indiana after a number of years living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Greg had the exciting opportunity to acquire a small-volume brewery.


With Greg’s love of craft beer and the talented brewer DJ at the helm, they set out to create a new vision. In July of 2020, after many months of preparation, Lighthouse Brewing is now a reality.


Reflecting on it all, Greg said, “Owning a small craft brewery is a dream come true.” 

DJ Hanselman


Journeyman Brewer DJ Hanselman is at the helm of our brewing operation. Born and raised in Jasper, Indiana DJ trained under master brewer David Pierce and has 10+ years of brewing experience. When not brewing, he loves serving on judging panels at craft beer competitions.

Working with a state-of-the-art DME brewing system at Lighthouse Brewing, DJ's skill and precision lay a steady course for our high quality, great tasting beer! 


His commitment to taste and quality are unwavering—in many ways he's more of a Brew-maestro, than a Brewmaster!

stormy seas
Our Logo and Seal

The Fresnel Lens (Fray-nel) is a type of composite compact lens originally developed by French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel for lighthouses. It has been called “the invention that saved a million ships.” —Wikipedia

fresnel lens
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